History of the Arabella-Group Switzerland



Initiation of operations in Switzerland

Founding of company
Stefan Schörghuber enters the hotel business in Switzerland. On December 8, 1995, Arabella Hotel AG, based in Zurich, was founded and the Neues Schloss Hotel in Zurich is taken over under lease conditions.

Founding board members
Stefan Schörghuber, Munich, Germany
Robert Salzl, President, Munich
Dr. Robert Umbricht, Vice President, Zurich
Eugen Hangartner, Delegate, Laax
Albert Niggli, Malans


Expansion of the hotel portfolio in Switzerland
Acquisition of the hotels Seehof, Waldhuus, Derby and Bellavista in Davos


Transfer of the company's headquarters
The headquarters of the Arabella Hotel AG are transferred from Zurich to the Canton of Grison.


Partial ownership of the Hotel Management School of Passugg
Arabella Hotel AG purchases 38% of the stock value of the Hotel Management School of Passugg and therefore strengthens the position of the hotel management school. Stefan Schörghuber and Albert Niggli commence their participation as board of director members.


Acquisition of the hotels Vitznauerhof and Alpenrose in Vitznau
The hotel portfolio in Switzerland is extended to seven properties through the hotels Vitznauerhof and the neighboring Alpenrose.


Taking over majority interest of the Hotel Management School of Passugg
Within the framework of a capital increase, Stefan Schörghuber takes over the majority of shares at the Hotel Management School of Passugg.

2003Change of name to Arabella Schweiz AG
As a result of its diversification in business activities, the company is renamed from "Arabella Hotel AG" to "Arabella Schweiz AG".

Salmon business in Chile is integrated into Schweiz AG
The salmon production in Chile operated by the Schörghuber family is integrated into the Arabella Schweiz AG.

Founding of Arabella Vermögensverwaltung AG in Chur
Stefan Schörghuber and Albert Niggli form an asset management company in Switzerland.
The Board of Directors is composed of Albert Niggli, President; Stefan Schörghuber, Vice-President; Patrick Niggli.

Expansion in the financial sector
Arabella Schweiz AG acquires the majority interest in the finance company Sineus AG, headquartered in Hamburg.
Albert Niggli is elected Chairman of the Supervisory Board.


Alien Investor law prevents new 5 star hotel construction in Davos
Due to Swiss legislation (Lex Koller), the hotel project Derby (project costs CHF 140 million) cannot be realized as planned by Arabella Schweiz AG. The Board of Directors therefore decides to sell the Derby site in Davos.

2005Founding of Arabella Hotelbetriebe AG
In order to support operation of the hotels in Switzerland a new company, Arabella Hotelbetriebe AG, is formed.
Severe weather destroys Hotel Vitznauerhof
The severe storms in August 2005 cause serious damage to the Vitznauerhof. Operations are forced to be seized.


Participation in Frostag Food-Centrum AG Landquart
Considering a possible cooperation with the salmon production properties in Chile, Arabella Schweiz AG acquires a strategic share of 34% in the company Frostag AG, a food production facility in Landquart.


Decease of Stefan Schörghuber
On November 25, 2008 Stefan Schörghuber, the founder and promoter of the activities in Switzerland, suddenly and completely unexpectedly dies at the age of 46 years due to heart failure. Alexandra Schörghuber, as a special agent and executor of the will, assumes the strategic leadership of the Schörghuber Group in Munich.


New appointment of the Board of Trustees of the Josef Schörghuber Foundation, Munich
Following the death of Stefan Schörghuber, a new Board of Trustees is assembled. As a representative from Switzerland, Albert Niggli is elected onto the Board of Trustees.


Quality award "very good" for Arabella Vermögensverwaltung AG
Arabella Vermögensverwaltung AG is tested by the magazine "BILANZ" and is awarded the "very good" quality award.


Sheraton Davos Hotel Seehof is sold
The failure of the hotel project on the Derby site in Davos led to a reevaluation of the hotel business in Switzerland. After the sale of the hotels Derby and Vitznauerhof, the board of directors also decides on the sale of Hotel Seehof.

2012New structure at Arabella Schweiz AG
The organizational structure of Arabella Schweiz AG is adjusted due to various changes in the shareholdings. As the umbrella company in Switzerland, Arabella Schweiz AG is transformed into a holding company.

Founding of a real estate company
The properties Bellavista and Hotel Waldhuus in Davos are integrated into the newly founded Arabella Immobilien AG.

Centralisation of the Arabella companies in Chur
The headquarters of the companies Arabella Schweiz AG and Arabella Immobilien AG are transferred from Davos to Chur and merged with that of Arabella Vermögensverwaltung AG.

Succession in the Swiss administrative boards
The administrative boards of Arabella Schweiz AG and Arabella Immobilien AG are newly constituted with a succession plan in mind. Patrick Niggli is newly elected on the board of directors of both companies.


10 years anniversary of Arabella Vermögensverwaltung AG
On March 1, 2013, Arabella Vermögensverwaltung AG celebrates the company's 10-year anniversary.

Sale of the Hotel Management School of Passugg
The Schörghuber family transfers its majority of shares of the Hotel Management School of Passugg to the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne.

2014Hotel Waldhuus Davos under new management
The owner, Arabella Immobilen AG, assumes the leadership over the Waldhuus Hotel in Davos in 2014.

Investment relationship with Aquila & Co. AG in Zurich
As a strategic measure, Arabella Vermögensverwaltung AG financially participates in Aquila Bank in Zurich. Patrick Niggli is elected on the board of directors.


Company anniversary - 20 years Arabella Switzerland
In 2015, the Arabella Group in Switzerland can look back on 20 years of successful business operations. The anniversary event takes place in the Auditorium of the Graubündner Kantonalbank in Chur.

2017Founding of Arabella Family Office AG
The Board of Directors is composed of Albert Niggli, President; Alexandra Schörghuber, Vice-President and Patrick Niggli.